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Landscaping refers directly to gardening and pruning, but not to masonry work. However, this activity does exist in this area. It relates to the decoration of the exterior of the houses as the landscaping of green spaces or gardens from different types of constructions. Discover all you need to know about landscape masonry to enhance the exterior of your home.

What is landscape masonry?

The landscaping masonry includes all the work that the mason performs outdoors. In other words, it is all the outdoor development activities of the residence.

To boast of being a qualified professional for the realization of landscape masonry, the mason must have mastery of two main knowledge. He must be competent in masonry and specialized in landscaping. In fact, it is obvious that not all masons can perform landscape masonry tasks. Indeed, this is another specialty. They must necessarily follow a theoretical and practical training.

Regarding the sector of action of a landscape mason, he intervenes to prepare the planning activities by carrying out several masonry works for the work to be put in place. These can be portions of the masonry relating to the development of parks, grounds, and gardens.

When should I call on a landscape mason?

When you have work related to landscaping, you must use a landscaper. In fact, if your project is to carry out work on the garden, by building a driveway (driveway with slabs, paved concrete or wood), all you have to do is call in a landscaper. With his know-how and expertise in the field, he will put in place excellent ideas so that your expectations are met.

It should also be added that it specializes in the construction of stone-walls and possesses enormous know-how for pool or pond innovation. You can entrust to him your project of creation and maintenance of green spaces.

In addition, in the public domain, the mason landscaper is often asked for the construction of public parks, sports fields, green landscapes, etc.

In short, for all your outdoor work related to construction, a mason landscaper is the professional you need.

What are the actions of the landscape mason?

The goal of the landscape mason is not simply to build the walls. In reality, the mission of landscaping masonry takes into account all the actions necessary to obtain an ideally landscaped space. For example, a landscaping builder performs landscaping activities such as:

  1. Earthworks: especially necessary to carry out work on rough terrain;
  2. Drainage and watering: they are essential for the regulation of humidity and ensure the well-being of plants;
  3. The placement of flooring: the arrangement of land by the installation of an alley or even a floor covering as synthetic sow, topsoil, etc.;
  4. Landscaping: the decorative constructions of space (pool, waterfall, low wall, etc.) and constructions that make traffic flow (stairs, walkways, etc.);
  5. Lighting: This will provide the opportunity to illuminate private or public land during the night.

As you will certainly understand, landscape masonry implements all that is necessary to successfully develop an outdoor lot. These actions require delicate know-how and great expertise.